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MEDIA MARKETING and WAVEMAKER are organizing together for the first time the B-Academy, B stands for BRAIN, This academy will tackle the Behavioural Data Science (neuroscience amplified by sensors generating behavioural data) and the Brain Computer Interface (all technologies directly controlled by your brain) topics, both transforming us into amplified humans that will impact the marketing, communication and commercial ecosystems.

The B-Academy includes 5 sessions of 3 hours each, given by Florian Linclau - Analytics & Insight Expert - and Damien D'Ostuni - Innovation Expert - with the collaboration of bright external partners leading the workshops.

The sessions will take place from 2PM until 5PM on :

♦ Session 1 : Behavioural Science - February 13th 
♦ Session 2 : Behavioural Data Science - March 19th 
♦ Session 3 : Brain Computer Interface (BCI) - April 23th 
♦ Session 4 : BCI required tools to make it happen - May 28th 
♦ Session 5 : BCI current and future applications - June 18th

We have the ambition to educate the market to these important skills which will transform the day to day of anyone playing a role in the development of our future.
Therefore, it's open to any advertisers, sales houses and agencies staff members.


Price : 750€ (excl. vat) for all sessions



Media Marketing & Wavemaker

WAVEMAKER BELGIUM, Rue Jules Cockx, Auderghem, Belgique

Rue Jules Cockx 8-10
1160 Auderghem Bruxelles


Media Marketing